Bakhoor / Loban Dan / Perfume Burner

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Handmade Bakhoor burner Box Pyramid Style Incense Burner / Oud Oudh Bakhoor Burner is Made of Rosewood. Naturally strong and termite free. Detachable handle (for practicality and portability) - Removable tray (easy to clean the ash) - Beautiful carvings Height: 18cm Box dimension: 12cm x 12cm To use with charcoal.

How to use: 1. Light up a piece of charcoal, put on top of the alu tray. 2. Put bakhoor/oudh/incense on top of charcoal 3. Sit back and enjoy the aroma. 4. You can also bring it around the house to let the aroma fills the whole house.