Coffee Table (CTC02)

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  • Coffee Table/Side Table made of Black Rose Wood, Beautiful Carving Patterns 
  • It is detachable, It can quickly be detached and reassembled as having two fixed screws on top and bottom of the rod
  • Made on Standard Table height very comfortable to use sitting on the sofa 
  • Consisting of three parts 1) Top of table 2) Stand/Middle Rod 3) Base of the table
  • Well balanced, treated wood, waxed and polished 
  • Lightweight and well finished
  • Durable, Ecofriendly, Handmade, Free of chemical contamination,
  • No plastics
  • Available in 18" inches, 24" and 30" Sizes 
  • It Can also be used to sue laptops while sitting on the couch/sofa because of its one-rod shape 

Note: Table will be delivered without Glass Top