Quran Box with Rahal on Top (QBR01)

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Description: Quran Box with Rahal, in Laqure Colors and Scratched 99  Names of Allah (Asma-e-Husna)

USE: This fancy product is a fancy way to Keep the Quran away from dust and Recite the Quran Shareef on the Rahal on top of it.  This is a great choice for wedding gifts, dowry articles, Gifts for Masjid and Madrassah, Khateeb, TV Shows, etc. 

Made: This box is made of manufactured wood, polished with lacquer mixed with colors than the engravements/Naqshi work of 99 Names of Allah and Ayat-e-Qurani are scratched into layers of colors with an iron pen. The same article is also available without the engravings of 99 Names of Allah only in Floral Patterns Naqshi Work. Please select the product carefully that you require. 

Exclusivity: It is free of plastic. Eco-friendly and made by skillful artisans with hand.

Category: Décor, Gift, Wedding gift, Gift for Masjid and Madrassah Study use.  

  • Dimensions from outside: Length 14Inches, Width 9 Inches, Height 5 Inches
  • Dimensions from Inside= Length 13 Inches, Width 8.5 Inches, Height 3 inches.

    Note: The product is handmade that may have little difference in dimensions.