Hotpot - HP6-Rare Breed Simple(HP06)


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  • Finest Quality Hotpot made of wood and fitted with steel bowl
  • Wood is the best Natural Insulator which will help keep the food warm for hours.
  • Having 3 liters capacity, 12" Inches inside diameter,
  • The steel bowl is easily detachable making it easy to wash and clean
  • An elegant way to serve your guests Roti/ Chapatti, Naan, Rice, Gravy, Grilled Meat, BBQ, Spaghetti, etc.
  • This environmentally friendly product is made of Black Rosewood and yellow mulberry wood containing zero plastics.
  • 1-centimeter pieces of black and white wood are joined to make the beautiful patterns
  • Polished with Lacquer which makes it scratch-free, shining, washable, and long-lasting.
  • The product is durable which can last for decades.
  • Lightweight and well finished.
  • Ideal for Home, Parties, Gatherings, and Picnic
  • Care: better not to wash the wooden parts in tap water, rather clean with wet clothe/wipes.