Hotpot -Wooden with carving work on Top and Sides of it

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  1. Hotpot made of wood
  2. Wood is the best Natural Insulator which will help keep the food warm for hours.
  3. Having 3 liters  capacity, 12" Inches inside diameter, 
  4. A decent way to serve  Roti/ Chapatti, Naan, Rice, Grilled Meat, BBQ, etc.
  5. This environmentally friendly product is made of Black Rosewood and yellow mulberry wood containing zero plastics.
  6. Beautiful brass patterns have been carved in wood by the skillful artisans.
  7. Polished with Lacquer which makes it scratch-free, shining, washable, and long-lasting.
  8. The product is durable which can last for decades.
  9. Well finished.
  10. Ideal for Home, Parties, Gatherings, and Picnic
    Care: better not to wash the wooden parts in tap water, rather clean with wet clothe/wipes.