Quran Box in Lacquer Polish, Engraved 99 names of Allah on top and Ayat on sides


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USE: This fancy product is a fancy way to Keep the Quran away from dust. This is also the best wedding gift for girls that will remind of you for decades.

Made: This box is made of pure redwood, polished with lacquer mixed with colors than the engravements i.e. 99 Names of Allah and Ayat-e-Qurani are uncarved with an iron pen.

Exclusivity: It is made of wood thus free of any chemical contamination and plastic. Eco-friendly and made by skillful artisans with hand.

Dimensions from Outside:  Length 13.5” X Width 8.5” X Height 4 Inches.

Dimensions from Inside;   Lenght 13 Inches, Width 8.5 Inches, Depth 3 inches. 

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Care: don't wash with water. The product is handmade this may have little difference in dimensions and the Naqshi patterns drawn on it.