Souvenir Plate & Tissue Box Cover Set / Decoration Plate and Tissue Box Cover for your office/ Colord Plate and Tissue Box for Workstation


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Highlights: Our Artist for the Naqshi work has made this beautiful set for your Table/Desk Decoration. The Naqshi work is engraving/scratching beautiful geometric or floral patterns into the thick layers of Shellac paint coatings on a wooden article with an Iron Pen.
  • Plate Size: 30 CM / 12 Inches Diameter Plate Weight: 0.5
  • Tissue Box Size: H: 26 cm W: 14 cm Depth: 8 cm
  • Made: Rosewood and Shellac Paints
  • Colors: Red, Blue and Green
  • Pattern: Floral Patterns Scratched with Hand into the Shellac Paints